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Como Agua

Hello everyone!

Those of you who have read the “about” section of my blog will know that I love telling stories, but what I didn’t mention is that I also like listening other people telling stories. Some people may believe that only children have the privilege to be told stories, but the truth is that adults also like it, and we should find more time to do it.

Today I will talk about Carmen Sara Floriano, an amazing story writer and storyteller (you can read about her in her blog). In particular, I will talk about her book “Como Agua” (like water), a book that as far as I know has only been published in Spanish but it’s worth reading (or listening) if you understand this language.


You can buy it at “seguir caminando”. It’s a solidary book and it doesn’t have a price, so you decide how much you are willing to pay to get it. I’m not sure to which countries they send the books, but you can ask them. Searching online I’ve also seen that they sell it in Fnac, and it have a set price there.

I was lucky to be part of one of the amazing workshops Sara does, as one of my professors at University invited her to one of our sessions. She did several activities with us that I wish we had done at the start of the course, as they were great for getting to know each other. She also told us this story, and this was the best moment of the workshop. I remember many of us ended nearly crying because the whole storytelling was just so emotional. The way she expresses herself, the pictures that illustrate the book and the story itself are just great.

Why is this book amazing?

“Como Agua” is a book for everyone: for children, for not so children and for adults. It talks about tears and crying, and it’s a great starting point to talk about emotions, about what makes us sad or happy, about our deepest secrets. Emotional education is a popular topic at schools nowadays, as we have realised how important it is to learn to understand and cope with our feelings. This book can definitely help us get our students into this learning.


This book also has great illustrations done by Susana Pérez that accompany the text very well and make this story even more amazing.

This is only one of the many books that Carmen Sara has written, and I’ll defenitely write about some of her other books in future posts.


I really hope you enjoyed the post and I encourage you to discover “Como Agua” and the other books by this great writer if you don’t know them yet!

Marta ♥


2 thoughts on “Como Agua

  1. I’m very proud of you and being your friend! I encourage you to do more of what you like and what you feel. You can inspire many people all over the world, as you do in my own person. Thank you. 💟

    Gisela, la teva companya de vida.

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