English songs quiet book (first part)

Hello everyone!

Last summer I started a project that I love and that I’m still working on: a quiet book to accompany English songs. I did it thinking about my future as an English teacher, as I think it’s a great resource to teach English songs. It will have ten songs in total and I will share it with you in different posts. Today I’ll share four of the pages, and they all illustrate songs to count up to five: five little monkeys, five little ducks, five pigs so squeaky clean and five green speckled frogs. The four songs have very similar patterns, counting backwards from five to zero.

Five little monkeys:

I took the pattern for this page from the blog Imagine Our Life. Stephanie, the writer of this blog, has amazing patterns, very well explained and super clear. I really enjoyed making this page, even though after the fourth monkey you may start feeling tired of so many monkeys. I recommend you to make this page while you have other projects, so that you don’t get tired of it. This design is so cool that I tried to do it as she designed it.

My “five little monkeys” page looks like this:


Five little ducks:

This is one of the pages that I designed myself because I really like this song but I couldn’t find any already designed page for it. I kept it very simple, but cute at the same time.

I made a green hill and a lake, as well as five little ducks and a bigger one. I know adult ducks aren’t yellow as the little ones, but I thought it would look cutter like this (and most of the ducks in children’s books look like that anyways!)

If you want to make this page, here you have the Five little ducks pattern.

The materials I used are:

  • Green, blue, yellow and orange felt
  • Teddy stuffing
  • 12 golden spangles and 12 black beads for the eyes
  • 6 sew-on snaps

To make the ducks you have to:

  • Cut the different parts on the appropriate felt colours.
  • Sew the wings to the bodies (make sure to sew half looking one way and half the other).
  • Sew the eyes on the ducks.
  • Sew the sew-on snaps in half of the ducks (all of them looking the same way).
  • Sew the two parts of each duck together and put some stuffing inside.
  • Sew the peaks.

To make the background you have to:

  • Cut the two parts, one in blue and the other one in green.
  • Sew the other side of the sew-on saps where I wanted to put the ducks.
  • Sew all the parts together.

And then you have your amazing page!

My “five little ducks” page looks like this:


Five pigs so squeaky clean:

To do this page I got inspired by the blog Books N Boys, even though, at the end, the only thing that I did more or less like her are the pigs. I decided I wanted it to be all in one page instead of a double, like all my other pages, so I had to adapt it.

My pigs are different from hers that I made the dirty stains with a brown felt pen instead of acrylic paint and the eyes, that I made with a spangle and a bead. I also put some teddy stuffing so that they are a little bit bigger.

The page I did was a lot simpler as It only has a big brown puddle. To do it I cut two equal pieces of brown felt and I cut five holes in one of them. I sew them one on top of the other to make five pockets, so that it looks like the pigs are in the puddle.

My “five pigs so squeaky clean” page looks like this:


Five green speckled frogs:

I also took the pattern for this page from the blog Books N Boys, even though I made some small changes. Like most of the other pages, I made the eyes using spangles and beads, and I also used some blue beads to make the waves. To make the flies I used mosquito net fabric and black beads.

I don’t quite like how my frogs look, so I may change them in the future, but for now I’ll keep them like that.

My “five green speckled frogs” page looks like this:


Do you like these quiet book pages? Have you done a quiet book yourself? I really hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Marta ♥


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