English songs quiet book (second part)

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I shared with you four of the ten pages of my quiet book. Today I will share three more pages that, like the other ones, illustrate three english songs: Old MacDonald had a farm, Itsy-Bitsy Spider and I had a little turtle.

Old MacDonald had a farm:

To make the barn I used the pattern from the blog homemade by Jill. This blog is no longer active, but you can still download the patterns available. She has other patterns for quiet book pages that look quite good, even though this one is the only one I’ve used.

About the finger puppets of the animals and Old MacDonald, I found a picture of those puppets somewhere in the internet and I loved them. They didn’t come with a pattern, but I tried to make them as similar as possible, as I thought they are super cute. I can’t remember where I saw them, and I’ve search for them again with no luck, so if you find any similar puppets when searching online or you know who made the originals, just let me know so I can post the source.

My “Old MacDonald had a farm” page looks like this:

Itsy-Bitsy Spider:

I took the pattern of this page from the blog Imagine our lives, the same where I took the pattern for the “five little monkeys” page. Stephanie is a great quiet book page designer and her patterns are so cool that I try to make them as similar as possible. I only changed  few details and the colours of some of the pieces.

My “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” page looks like this:

I had a little turtle:

I didn’t know this song before I started making my quiet book, but when I saw the page I just felt in love with it. I took the pattern from the blog Books N Boys, the same that inspired me to do the “five pigs so squeaky clean” page. I think this is one of the cutest patterns in this blog, and I kept it the same.

My “I had a little turtle” page looks like this:


So you have seen most of my quiet book by now. What do you think of it? Have you tried any of those patterns?

I really hope you like it!

Marta ♥


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