English songs quiet book (third part)

Hello everyone!

I have already written two posts about the quiet book I made (you can go back to them here and here). Today I will share the last three pages of the book which illustrate the songs “Hickory Dickory Dock”, “The wheels on the bus” and “A peanut sat on a railroad track”. This is how I made them and how they looked:

Hickory Dickory Dock

I designed this page myself and I did it on the version that only mentions the mouse. This is the pattern I made to sew this page.

The materials I used are:

  • dark brown, light brow, white, grey, yellow and pink felt.
  • yellow and white ribbon
  • ten black beads
  • wire (I used one of the sticks you use to make earrings)

To make the mouse you have to:

  1. Download the pattern and cut the felt pieces.
  2. Sew the pink pieces inside the small grey pieces (ears).
  3. Sew them on one of the big grey pieces, when you want the ears to be.
  4. Sew two beads as the eyes and use some black thread to make the whiskers and some pink one to make the nose.
  5. Cut a tail out of grey felt.
  6. Sew the two body parts, putting the tail and a piece of white ribbon between them.

To make the clock you have to:

  1. Download the pattern and cut all the felt pieces.
  2. Write the roman numbers III, VI, IX and XII in the white circle and add black beads for the other numbers.
  3. Sew the two yellow circles together with the yellow ribbon inside.
  4. Pass the wire through the two arrows and through the centre of the sphere. Fold it at the back.
  5. Sew the dark brown pice on the light brown one, holding the yellow ribbon on the top edge.
  6. Sew the white sphere on the clock.
  7. Sew the clock on the page, sewing the white ribbon on one edge.
  8. And then you have your Hickory Dickory Dock page!

Mine looks like this:

The wheels on the bus

To make the bus I used the pattern from the blog Books N Boys. It looks very cool as the wheels and the wipers move (I used paper fasteners for both) and the doors open, so you can make all the actions while singing the song. However, I didn’t quite like the finger puppets because I wanted them to reproduce the song better, so I made this pattern. I made a driver, a mommy and a baby, and I’m quite happy with the result, even though they are quite small (children size!) specially the driver, but they fit in the bus! and this looks great.

The materials I used for the puppets are:

  • yellow (two different schemes), black, dark blue, white, beige, green, red, dark brown, light brown and grey felt.
  • four blue beads and two black ones.

If you want to make these finger puppets you have to:

  1. Get the pattern and cut the pieces.
  2. Sew two beads for the eyes and use red thread to sew a mouth.
  3. Cut the hair and sew it. You can add as many details as you want (I just added the driver’s hat, tie and shirt on the pattern).
  4. Sew the clothes (remember to cut hands and sew them between the two sleeves).

This is how my puppets and bus look like:

A peanut sat on a railroad track

I didn’t know this short song until I found this quiet book page in the blog Books N Boys (I know, many of my pages are from there!), but I really liked the train, so I had to make it.

This is how it ended up, quite similar to the original one:

You have seen all my quiet book pages already. What do you think of them? Have you tried any of them? I will show you how I finished my book in a further post!

Marta ♥


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