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Letter box

Hello everyone!

Today I will share with you a project that I’m still making but that I can’t wait to finish to post it: the letter box.

Like the quiet book I’ve already shared the pages with you (you can read about it here, here and here), I’m making the letter box thinking about my future as a teacher. This is a great resource to use when teaching literacy, and I can already think of many uses I’ll give it in the future.

To make this project you need:

  • A cute box. I used one that I already had at home. I got it in a Chinese shops (they are like the one dollar shops) a few years ago. Its size is similar to a shoe box.thumb_IMG_4714_1024
  • Felt. I’ve used blue, yellow and red so far, and I’m making orange letters now. I’m planning to use green too.
  • Stuffing
  • Letters pattern. I used one that I found on google (sorry, I can’t remember which one it was).
  • A sewing machine and some thread (I used the same colours as the letters, but you can use different ones to make them stand out).

If you want to make this project you have to:

  1. Cut the letters in paper.
  2. Cut felt squares and attach with some thread two squares to each letter.thumb_IMG_4715_1024
  3. Sew around the paper letter leaving a space, so that you can fill it with stuffing.thumb_IMG_4715_1024 còpia
  4. Take the paper away and cut the extra felt. Leave some were you left the space so you can sew it more easily it once it’s filled.
  5. Sew the space and cut the extra felt. img-4221.jpg

I still have a few more letters to make, but this is how the letter box is looking so far.

What do you think of this project? Have you done anything similar?

I really hope you like it!

Marta ♥



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