English songs quiet book (last part)

Hello everyone!

Today I will share with you the last part of my quiet book: the cover and binding. I’ve already shared with you the ten quiet book pages that you can see here, here and here, and today you will see the final project.

When I made the pages I left a margin at one side (five pages on the left and five on the right). I sew the pages, two by two, making the margins coincide. To make the holes look nicer I used the eyelet setter from the brand Fiskars and silver 4,8mm eyelets.

This is how the eyelets look on the front and back:

For the binding I used:

  • Blue felt (the same I used for the back of the pages)
  • Orange felt
  • Orange bias tape
  • An orange button
  • Two binding rings

If you want to bind your quiet book like I did you have to:

  1. Cut two 68x25cm and two 5x25cm blue felt rectangles, one 2,5x25cm and one 22x16cm orange felt rectangle and one 13x4cm orange felt rectangle with two rounded sides.
  2. Sew the 2,5x25cm rectangle in the middle of one of the big blue ones. You have to sew in on a way that will let the two binding rings go through. IMG_4178
  3. Sew the big orange rectangle on the right of the other one (this will be the pocket).
  4. Sew the button at the other big blue rectangle.
  5. Sew the two big blue rectangles together, putting the two blue smaller ones in the midde. This will make the book spine harder. Remember to put the other orange felt rectangle at one edge (this will be tha flap to close the book).IMG_4179
  6. Put the bias tape around the book and make a cut at the flap to be able to close the book.IMG_4177

And you will have your book bound!


I also added a song book at the back with all the songs. You can download it here. You have to print it double-faced and cut each page in to have the proper book. I keep the book at the back pocket. This is how it looks:


How do you bind your quiet books? Do you like how I did it?

Marta ♥


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