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Two knitting books for children

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I talked about why is knitting beneficial to children. Today I will share with you two very cool books with great knitting projects for kids. I used these books to get inspired and inspire my students for the knitting club I carried out in NZ. Some of the students made some of those projects, and others modify them. I got both books in amazon, and I really like both of them. So here we go…

Kids’ Knitting Workshop by Susan B. Anderson’s

I LOVE this book. It gives great tips about when and how is better to start knitting and it has super cool patterns (seventeen, organised by levels). However, I couldn’t use the patterns during the Knitting Club as all the patterns use circular needles and I didn’t have any of those (I ordered a set from Amazon but they got home when I was already gone). Yet, I would definitely use it if I teach children again, as knitting on the round is easier (I have to admit that I haven’t heard of it until this book came into my hands). I tried some of the patterns myself and they turn out great.

The pages look like this (a picture, a page with all the information and the direction pages for each project):

My first knitting book by Alison McNicol

This was the book that I ended up using to help my students get ideas. They did tones of bracelets, a headband and a bunny rabbit. This book has some instructions and ten nice patterns. The patterns are not organised by level, but they are quite easy to make.

Here you can see some of the book’s pages compared to some of the final projects we got at the knitting club:

Did you know those books? Have you used any good knitting books for kids?

I really hope you liked it!

Marta ♥


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