Decorated notebooks

Hello everyone!

The Easter Break is already here… I can’t believe how fast time is going! I only have a little bit longer than a month left to finish my pedagogy practicum, and I can’t get over the fact that this will be the last degree practicum I do! (It’s the 5th!! – three for Primary Education, one for Early Childhood and the pedagogy one). I’m a quite organized person (which doesn’t mean I’m a tidy person, because I’m super untidy!), and I love to report everything. So I have everything I’ve done during my practicums written down in pretty notebooks that I decorated myself. Today I will show you how I decorated them.

This is how the one I’m using now looks like.

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-26 a les 12.24.07.png

To make them you need:

  • A notebook (It doesn’t have to be a nice one, as you will cover it)
  • Patterned paper. I used the collection papers from all over the world from Clairefontaine. The sets come in two sizes, 21×29,7cm and 30x30cm, and they come in different colours and combinations. I have a pink and purple big set and a red and two blue small sets (and the two blue weren’t identical inside!) They are acid free and some of them have a textile texture which makes them perfect to line the notebooks.
  • Glue. I used glue stick for the paper and universal glue for the decorations.
  • Cute ribbons. I have tones at home, so I just picked the ones that matched the papers better.
  • Foam letters. I bought them either in Tiger (when they have them) or in a Bazar (they have many different designs and colours there).
  1. Choose two patterns that matched and cut them twice (for the front and back).
  2. Glue them and fold the corners inside.
  3. Choose the ribbon or ribbons you will use, and cut two stripes (one for the cover and one for the back). Glue them using universal glue and fold the ends to the inside of the notebook.
  4. Cut two rectangles the size of the cover and glue them at the inside to hide the folded paper and ribbons.
  5. Glue the letters.
  6. And you have your fantastic notebook!

Here you have three more designs:


What do you think of my practicum notebooks? Have you ever decorated a notebook?

I really hope you liked it!

Marta ♥


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