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Two activities to celebrate Saint George

Hello everyone!

Saint George is around the corner, and for us, Catalans, it’s a big day. It’s a super romantic day (much romantic than Saint Valentine’s and less commercial too!). Saint George is the 23rd of April, and we give roses and books. Two years ago I was in Ireland doing my teaching practise around that time of the year and I decided to prepare two activities to celebrate it: a rose and a book.  I did it with a 3rd class group. Today I will share them with you, as I’m sure you’ll love them.

Paper roses:

I accepted this craft from one I did when I was a kid in a workshop organised by Zig-Zag, a super cool arts and crafts center in my town.

To make those paper roses you need:

  • One A4 green paper board sheet per student
  • 12 to 16 squares of red crepe paper per student (you could also use tissue paper)
  • One pipe cleaner per student (wooden sticks work better, but we didn’t have any at the school)
  • White glue


The steps they need to follow to make their roses are the following:

    1. They first have to make a paper fortune-teller with the paper board. With the remaining paperboard they draw a leaf and write their name in it.
    2. After, they have to glue the pipe cleaner at the bottom of the paper fortune-teller and let it dry held with clothes pegs.
    3. Then they have to fold the carpe paper squares and glue three or four inside each whole of the fortune-teller.


    1. Let it dry, and you’ll have your lovely rose.


We made a mural with the roses and the legend. It looked like this:



To make the books you only need:

  • One A3 paper sheet per student
  • Pencils, crayons and felt pens.

We made and 8 page book from a sheet of paper (you can find many tutorials online if you want to know how to make them) and wrote a summary the legend of Saint George inside. I had previously told them the story and printed it for them, so they just had to decide which parts were the most important. You could also give them the text and let them draw the story or make them create their own story.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the finished books, but I have some of them half-finished. The final result was cool.

What do you think of those activities? Have you done anything similar before?

I really hope you liked them!

Marta ♥


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